Virtual Implementation Support Fundations Level 3

Fundations® Virtual Implementation Support (VIS) Level 3

The Wilson® Virtual Implementation Support (VIS) for the Fundations Level 3 program is a comprehensive web-based support that provides Level 3 teachers with access to a virtual collaborative community of peers where they can interact and learn from both colleagues and a Fundations Literacy Specialist. The program helps teachers develop the knowledge and skills required for successful Level 3 implementation and is designed for general education teachers in a Tier 1 setting in their initial year of Fundations implementation. (Fundations teachers looking to deepen their understanding of how to teach Fundations lessons efficiently would also benefit.)

The program includes live, interactive study sessions with a Literacy Specialist; curated content and links to resources on the Fundations Learning Community; access to the self-paced version of the Fundations Level 3 Launch Workshop; opportunities to collaborate with colleagues via a monitored discussion board to share successes and brainstorm solutions.




One school year

Course Objectives

Upon completion, participants are able to:

·         Demonstrate working knowledge of the curriculum and instruction and understand the ‘why’ behind them.

·         Set up a Fundations classroom with appropriate program materials.

·         Access available online resources.

·         Understand and execute specific Fundations Activity procedures and lesson planning.


·         Fundations Level 3 Teacher’s Kit (required)

·         Wilson Academy® Fundations Learning Community


Completion Recommendations

An individual is encouraged to complete the following components:

·         Participate in Virtual Implementation Support session(s) for each instructional topic

·         Explore all links to resources and become familiar with the Fundations Learning Community

Participate in the Virtual Implementaiton Support discussion board

Bundle Includes
Virtual Implementation Support Fundations Level 3 / 2324-F1FD6A17
Jul 23 2023 - Jun 30 2024
Self-Paced Fundations Level 3 Launch / 2324-A1DC7150
Jul 23 2023 - Jun 30 2024
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